Tuesday, August 3, 2010

9-1/2 Weeks Later

Sorry for the long delay in posting.  Following a whirlwind 9-1/2 week ministry tour, we were taken by surprise by how wiped out we were when it ended!  The last two weeks of the tour were especially harried as we spent so much time on the road having driven as far as Salado, Texas.  One day we spent 17 actual hours on the road (this included being stopped by border patrol).  After sending the students off at the LA airport on the 17th of July, Karyn and I crashed!  We spent a lot of time sleeping and have since then made a concerted effort to spend as much time as possible with our precious families who we see so seldom.  

Besides the amazing ministry we experienced in those 9-1/2 weeks, the relationships that were formed between staff and students was a highlight not only for us, but was overwhelmingly stated as a highlight by the students when they wrote their end-of-the-trip evaluations.  

Another never-to-be-forgotten highlight was the day the students spent at Disneyland.  What an amazing gift this was for our students and all because several people decided they wanted to contribute financially to make this a possibility.  The "Smilebox" below captures a smidgen of the profound joy this brought to the Voices of Micronesia.   

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