Saturday, September 22, 2007

Almost There!

Thanks to the help of friends (especially some dear Crossroads Church friends), the cargo container was loaded and shipped out on 10/14/07. It will be traveling over the waves and sea and will arrive in Guam on 10/28/07. Our most recent email update provided the gory details of what an amazing feat it was to ultimately get 90% of our belongings inside! Karyn is now scrambling to figure out what to do with the 10% that didn't fit. (If you are not receiving our updates but would like to, email us at
Katie (10), Noelle (7) and Karyn (34--just joking!!), will be catching a flight on the 28th to join Eric and Christian in Guam. After being apart for nearly two months, everyone is anxious to be reunited.

In the meantime, Eric and Christian wait. But they wait busily. Eric is teaching both freshmen and seniors this year. The picture is of a few of the freshmen girls from his Bible Introduction course. They are all bright and eager to learn. Apparently, Eric couldn't get too far away from preaching because he's agreed to preach at Agana Heights Baptist Church through the end of November. At least he's doing two things he loves: teaching and preaching. Christian's own homework keeps his schedule full, but it must be working out - he's pulling all A's again. Now it's off to a college staff potluck!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Blown Away by God's Love!

Wow! I have been blown away by "God's intervention into the affairs of man". (Unfortunately, I can't think of the reference for this quote--I'm sure my husband could tell you!)

First, as we stated in our latest update and blog entry, God miraculously provided a house and car within our price range. Everyone shakes their head when they see "our" house and hears the price we are paying. There is no logical explanation for these sweet deals!

Second, we had asked for prayer to find an affordable landscaper to replace the existing sprinkler system and lay sod in the front yard of our house. The renters were not very happy when the sprinkler system failed completely! The bids came in at over $5,000! A supporter, Dale Alvarez, contacted us with someone who bid the job at $4800. I explained to him that we were missionaries and there was no way we could afford that. "My 19 year old son and I will do ANYTHING to lower the cost. We'll work right along side you! We can haul the old grass to my parents' ranch and dump it to save money. We'll do anything!" I pleaded. The following day he contacted me and said he would do everything for half the cost! With tears of joy streaming down my face, I told him that I believed he was the answer to the prayers of over 200 people who were praying that God would supply our needs regarding our landscaping. "I will not be making money on this job," he responded, "I am doing it because you are missionaries." Victor attends a local Catholic church. I do not know where he stands with our Lord, but I do know that God chose to use him to meet our needs. Wow!

Last, I received a form email from a high school friend, Julie Sayre, saying she had moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area and had changed her email address. As I read her email, I noticed under her name that it said, "Creative Memories Consultant." Although I knew she was extremely creative, I had no idea she did photo scrapbooking! I was so excited because I had been feeling compelled to make a photo album for Teyler (our first born--19 years old) since he will have VERY little physical contact with us because he will be staying here in the States for college. I immediately emailed Julie and asked her advice about supplies. She not only answered my supply questions, but said she would like to make a digital scrapbook documenting in words and photos our journey from being a "normal" (at least somewhat normal) family to becoming a missionary family! She said if I would send her the words and photos, she would put it together! The end product would be a professionally bound book!

Now, this might not seem like a big deal to you, but IT IS A BIG DEAL! I think it shows God's desire to be involved in every aspect of our lives. Nothing is too little (or too big) for God. The timing on all these examples is not just coincidence. These examples speak of the character and very nature of God. He is a God who wants to give good gifts to His children (Matthew 7:11). But, even more amazing, is how when I said "Yes" to missions, I was so fearful of all the "sacrifices" I would have to make. I see now that we can NEVER out give God. Truly, God has provided for all our needs and has thrown in personal touches to boot! What an AWESOME God we serve!

P.S. I went to the passport office in San Francisco last week and was told there would be NO PROBLEM getting a replacement passport within a week of my departure date (or 24 hours if I wanted to pay more.) So, I will continue to look for my passport until two weeks before my departure date--hopefully end of September! Please continue praying that I will find the missing passport!

P.P.S. It is a weird feeling to post a blog and then have NO idea if ANYONE is reading what we write. If you are reading our posts (even if we don't know you!), we'd love it if you click where it says comments and simply say, "Hi, from (your name)." Thanks so much!