Saturday, September 22, 2007

Almost There!

Thanks to the help of friends (especially some dear Crossroads Church friends), the cargo container was loaded and shipped out on 10/14/07. It will be traveling over the waves and sea and will arrive in Guam on 10/28/07. Our most recent email update provided the gory details of what an amazing feat it was to ultimately get 90% of our belongings inside! Karyn is now scrambling to figure out what to do with the 10% that didn't fit. (If you are not receiving our updates but would like to, email us at
Katie (10), Noelle (7) and Karyn (34--just joking!!), will be catching a flight on the 28th to join Eric and Christian in Guam. After being apart for nearly two months, everyone is anxious to be reunited.

In the meantime, Eric and Christian wait. But they wait busily. Eric is teaching both freshmen and seniors this year. The picture is of a few of the freshmen girls from his Bible Introduction course. They are all bright and eager to learn. Apparently, Eric couldn't get too far away from preaching because he's agreed to preach at Agana Heights Baptist Church through the end of November. At least he's doing two things he loves: teaching and preaching. Christian's own homework keeps his schedule full, but it must be working out - he's pulling all A's again. Now it's off to a college staff potluck!

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Jo said...

I just read your 9/2 blog. I'm glad Victor was able to do your landscaping. He's a very nice guy.
Love you guys...