Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since catching a flight back to the Micronesian islands for Thanksgiving isn't an option for our students due to the cost, the staff brought the dishes for a huge Thanksgiving feast. About 100 of us gathered in the large teaching room at PIBC. Karyn and the girls had purchased Chuukese skirts for the event. These are the traditional skirts most of our female students wear at ALL times (playing basketball, football, swimming in the ocean, etc.). The new outfits were met with broad smiles of delight. Unfortunately, Katie (ten years old) had the flu and so she stayed on the floor of Eric's office watching DVD's on his laptop. All the traditional fare was represented at this feast; but interestingly, the students didn't seem too thrilled with what they saw. It was funny to watch them gravitate towards the HUGE dish of white rice and the platter of fish heads and tails. Perhaps this is how it was at the First Thanksgiving when the Indians and Pilgrims shared a meal. Perhaps each gravitated towards the food reminiscent of childhood and yet all gathered together in a spirit of thanksgiving.

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Debbie Jones said...

Your Thanksgiving feast looks wonderful. Thanks for posting your pictures. Sorenson ladies, you look lovely in your skirts.