Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Across Continents and Cultures

Even though PIBC was started with the specific aim of providing theological education for Micronesians, some of the most powerful testimonies come from our other international students who "happened upon" PIBC through varying circumstances. It's amazing to hear these stories and see the way God goes to great lengths to reach people.

We have a student at PIBC who is from China. She was part of a secular, intellectual Chinese party who have consistently, throughout the years, protested what happened at Tienanmen Square. It became unsafe for her to remain in China any longer, so she fled to Guam. Once here, she attended junior college but could not pass the English prerequisite class. Ultimately, a professor, who was a Christian, suggested she start attending church where she would get more exposure to English. He also suggested she take an English class at PIBC where she would get more individual attention. Eventually, Mae accepted Christ and her life was transformed. Mae is EXTREMELY intelligent and grapples with issues and questions that most people never even think to ask. She makes connections and compares and contrasts various Scriptures constantly. She will insist in class, "I WANT to understand this. How can such and such be true if. . .." She hungers for truth and has found her hope, not in political systems, but in Christ.

How amazing it is that God, in His sovereignty, arranged for Mae to know Him. How incredible that He cares enough to reach across continents and cultures to bring people to Himself. How thrilled we are to be a part of what He is accomplishing on this side of the globe. How blessed we are to know Him.

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