Saturday, July 19, 2008

Christmas, Easter, and Halloween in July?!!

As mentioned on a prior post, my mom and our son are here visiting for the first time. Since we have been apart for nearly a year, we decided we had a lot of catching up to do. Tonight we celebrated Christmas. We sang Christmas carols, played Christmas music, and exchanged gifts. It's funny, because the celebration seemed more "authentic" than when we actually celebrated Christmas on Christmas Day (See earlier blog entry entitled, "The True Christmas Spirit.") We have also celebrated Easter, Halloween, and Teyler and Chris
tian's birthdays (which really are in July), Independence Day, and on Monday we will be celebrating Guam's Liberation Day. We have five more birthdays to go. . .

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ila said...

I know you are having a fabulous time with your Mom and Teyler! I think I decided that I would wait here till you come back to the states to see all of you since I don't do well with all thos creepy things you have there!!