Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Creating More Alumni

We did it again! We created more Alumni this year and celebrated the feat at our commencement exercises on May 12. Instead of the usual outside event, we gathered at Faith Presbyterian Reformed Church a few miles from our campus. Sixteen graduates, several of whom in abstentia, were conferred with the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies (save for one who took the A.A.). As Chief Nakamura, former president of Palau, congratulated and challenged them, I found myself imagining the almost endless opportunities these students have to impact the Pacific Rim far more than I could ever dream of doing as a white westerner. Needless to say, with cameras flashing, each member of the staff and faculty swelled with pride.

Take a look at the pictures. Because of people
like you investing in the lives of these promising young men and women, they are now equipped to have a real impact on a world that is desperately in need of the good news they bear. Without the resources to pursue an education on their own, your support enables their success and joins you to the incredible things God is going to do in this part of the world. So, congratulations to our graduates, thanks to you, and praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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