Friday, June 26, 2009

Church Connections

It's been both fun and busy being in a different church every Sunday, along with various other events mid-week. We've enjoyed preaching at two of our partner churches since our arrival in California, and it's been a joy to catch up with ministry friends. Here's a picture of us with Shawn and Patty Robinson, pastors of Clayton Community Church. Eric, Shawn, and a third pastor, Mike McCoy, prayed together every Thursday morning for nearly ten years. What a great time catching up and hearing the great things Clayton Community is experiencing. Two full services and a massive building project made us feel extra special when Shawn announced that amid all their important projects we've been added on as regular mission partners!
Last Sunday found us on the other side of the bay preaching two (three?) services at Central Peninsula Church. I guess we're a little unsure if Eric preached two or three services because a video of the first 9:00 sermon (see picture) was rushed to their satellite church in Milbrae for their 11:00 service (filled with another 400-600 people)! CPC is one of those thriving congregations, reaching some 1,600 each Sunday between their two sites, and they are praying about adding another. Again, we are humbled to be mission partners with CPC as well. We even took a picture of us in front of their mission partners display.
It's been a thrill to have lots of opportunities to share our work with God's people, and a tremendous joy to watch as people respond with enthusiasm and support. Among other things, it reminds us of just what a privilege we have serving in Micronesia. Thanks to all of our supporting churches and individuals (who together represent dozens of other churches!).

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