Sunday, November 1, 2009


Undoubtedly, there are some parts of Micronesian culture that are amazingly beautiful. They remind me of a time in American history when things were purer and far less pretentious. Specifically, I think the overt affection our students show to other same-sex students is precious. It is common to see same-sex students strolling arm-in-arm, or, as in the meeting I attended last night, three female students held hands for the better part of the meeting. During dorm devotions, I'll observe the women softly rubbing each other's backs or playing with each other's hair. The last time I did this type of thing was in first grade! And, the physical contact is not restricted just to women. I'll see the men ambling with their arms slung over each other's backs or with fingers interlocked as they meander along. Here, it is seen purely and readily embraced. Imagine the meaning these actions would have in the States! And, again, it is our loss. What a beautiful aspect of relationships that we Americans are missing out on.

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