Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Most Dangerous Profession

When Eric was writing his doctoral dissertation, he was intent on writing something immediately applicable to the church. While he regularly reads academic tomes, and finds such research essential to the church's mission in the world, he wanted to write something that didn't have to wait to "trickle down" through the academy to church leaders (a thing that doesn't always happen). So, when it was all said and done, he began to earnestly seek out publishers; although, he admits, his hopes were not very high. To his shock, and absolute delight, Wipf & Stock, out of Portland, accepted his proposal early in 2010. Then the task became editing, and editing, and editing some more. The good news is that A Most Dangerous Profession:  Why the Pastoral Ministry is Hazardous to Your Soul, is now in print!   
    What's it about? From the back cover: "Every Christian is assailed by the gales of temptation, but those in professional ministry face fiercer storms than the rest.  As CH Spurgeon warned, contrary to what is often assumed, 'our dangers are more numerous and more insidious than those of ordinary Christians.' This perspective was shared by the unified voice of the historic church, leading some Patristic church fathers to initially flee the call to ministry . . . .  A Most Dangerous Profession surfaces these gems so often overlooked in historic Christian literature, and ends with their practical advice on how to overcome." 
    It really was a labor of love, and Eric hopes it will have even a little impact on the church and those who serve it. Even if you're not a pastor, or don't consider yourself a church leader, you can help increase the exposure of the book. For one thing, you can buy copies and give it to your pastors and church leaders. FYI, we've been told that ordering it through a local bookstore usually means they'll buy a few copies and put the others on their shelves (it's worth a try). You could also read it and then write a customer review on Amazon. The more positive reviews, the better. In the meantime, it's available from Wipf and Stock Publishers (wipfandstock.com), and Amazon. Thanks for your support and encouragement!

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stephen said...

I just got my copy. I LOVE Eric's writing style! I don't recall ever reading anything he has written more than a newsletter article. Very comfortable and accessible style. Can't wait to read the whole thing!