Friday, June 22, 2007

It's Official

At the Covenant Annual meeting, we were officially commissioned as missionaries. They had "old" and new missionaries carry flags representing the countries in which there are Covenant missionaries. Karyn got to carry the Guamanian flag! :) As we walked down the isle of the auditorium waving the flags to the Latin beat of a song, it was quite a thrill. As we stood before the hundreds of witnesses publicly proclaiming our calling and commitment to serve God around the world, Karyn experienced her first wave of loss of her homeland and her family. The imminence of our departure hit her full in the face. The idea of saying goodbye to our son and her mother, in particular, brought tears of sadness and loss. It gave a new respect for the many missionaries who have gone before us and the cost they were willing to pay. It reminded us of how important it is to pray for those out in the field and their families here at home. It's not just the missionaries making the sacrifices--it is family and friends who also sacrifice a priceless relationship with a loved one for God's glory.

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