Sunday, July 1, 2007

Making A Dent

You saw the awful pictures of our house situation two posts ago. Well, to be honest, it's still pretty awful, but we are making a dent! Karyn in spite of the flu, knocked off a few miserable hours in the "little house" organizing the kitchen. We can actually now see the kitchen counter. Meanwhile, Eric rummaged through the master bedroom until we could actually find enough carpet to vacuum: what an exciting moment. And oh, the discoveries we made! To his delight, and the relief of others, Eric actually found a change of clothes. Our frustrating exercise was occasionally punctuated by, "Oh, there they are!" It may suggest something about the state of our minds when we almost wept at the surfacing of our long-lost shelf pegs - shelves at last! Yes, since moving, our lives have taken on new meaning.

New meaning, indeed. As Eric writes this, the countdown has begun. Eric and Christian move 6000 miles away in exactly 30 days. 30 days, and lots more to do. Eric has to finish writing a large hunk of his doctoral dissertation, and finish his syllabus. Once we've organized the little house, we have to shift to going through everything again - it can't all go to Guam. Then, we've got to say our goodbyes, and pack everything up. None of this, by the way, is for the purpose of making you laugh or feel sorry for us, but solicit your prayers. Very little would mean more.

Finally, if you've made a pledge to our work - thanks - and now would be a great time to begin fulfilling those. We give thanks to God for all of your gifts and commitments. We trust that he will reward you immensely as you join us in doing His work in the Western Pacific!

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Dave Owen said...

Hi, I didn't know you were blogging. I got here from Brad's blog. Good to see the progress. Joyce and I are in Santa Cruz right now. We got a cell 530-391-6870 if you want to contact us. We will be in Oregon next weekend but after that in the foothills until August 6. See you soon. Dave