Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Sunday

Here is a picture of Eric preaching at the Agana Heights Church where he has been guest preaching for the past few months. Because it is Christmas Sunday, Eric put on a long sleeve shirt--first time wearing one since being on Island. The local Chamorro people who attend this church are extremely friendly and warm, and they do such a nice job decorating the sanctuary for the various holidays. During their service, they have an extended time of greeting where the parishioners often greet one another in the traditional Chamorro style--a kiss on the cheek. With each Sunday that passes, more and more parishioners have begun to greet us in this manner. We think it is really sweet; although, Christian has a different opinion, "Oh great! Now they're starting to kiss me too. I got kissed by two grannies today!"On Christmas Sunday, I (Karyn) was greeted with a binder filled with five songs and asked if I would sing soprano with the choir that morning. Talking about "speed reading!" This DEFINITELY challenged my music-reading abilities in a way they had never been challenged before! Before we got up to sing, I scoured the music trying to note unusual timing, repeats, notes, etc. Other than coming in at the wrong time once, I somehow pulled it off. Eric said he wouldn't have known about my incorrect entrance except that I made a face, turned red, and started smiling! The children's choir (Katie and Noelle included) sang the first song with us.

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