Friday, April 18, 2008

Cultural Values

All cultures have values they hold in common. Americans are known to value independence, hard-work, privacy and the family. What are Micronesian values? This question was posed and answered in an assignment for my counseling class, and I thought our blog readers would find the answers quite interesting. Each student was to record three cultural values. I have consolidated them and placed them in order from the most agreed upon answer to the least.

8 Citations
Relationships: (family and people)

6 Citations
Culture--customs and traditions

5 Citations
First born--(e.g. "In our family, if I am the youngest, I would have to do what the older sister told me to do because she is the oldest.")

4 Citations

3 Citations
-Family reputation: (e.g. "We don't represent an individual but by family name/clan," and "Honor and respect family name.")

2 Citations
-Hospitality: (e.g. "Meeting other people's needs more than our own.")

1 Citation
-Church activities
-Family meetings
-Identity (e.g. "Who am I.")
-People (e.g. "Elders, brothers, or men are valued more than women."--Chuukese)
-"People work together and help one another--not independent!!")
-People who have a position in the church or in the government
-The Missing One (e.g. "If someone passed away in our family, it's very important to do the anniversary about the person that just passed away.")
-Staying with parents
-Status as an independent nation (Palau)

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