Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dicktracy, Robinhood, and Rambo

I gave an assignment for my students to do a genogram (like a family tree). This was not an easy task given the traditionally very large families from which these students come. Nevertheless, they were to look for dysfunctional patterns within their genograms and to identify them (e.g. alcoholism, spousal abuse, incest, suicide, etc.). We discussed the Scripture, "The sins of the fathers are passed down through the generations," and talked about how difficult it is to break these dysfunctional family patterns. As I was evaluating their genograms I was enthralled with the names I read. Having attained the permission of my students to put these names on our blog, I present to you some of the uniquely Micronesian names: Relax, Rest, Ready, R-last, K-Ness, Praise, Snopia, Praiselyn, Free-Viann, Kimbo, Missio, Given, Second, and Season. Here are three names that show a definite Western influence: Dicktracy, Rambo, and Robinhood. However, I must hand first place to this family, who in spite of having nine children, somehow managed to find nine names all beginning with the letter "T": Tarus Jr., Tarsio, Tario, Tarlin, Tana, Tarie, Tarakie, Taratar, Tariky. Wow!

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pd said...

Hey guys,
Thanks for the note on our blog. It was great to hear from you. I'm looking forward to the day that I get to meet you guys in person. Perhaps we'll have to fly through Guam on the way back to the US. Or you'll have to come out to Indo on a short term trip. For now, though, we really appreciate your blog and the chance to keep up with your life and ministry.
Patrick for Kim and the kids