Friday, July 13, 2007

Starting to Say Goodbye

Prayer support is what keeps pastors going. Every week for nearly ten years, Eric prayed each Thursday morning with a couple of other local pastors. As you can imagine, the bonds grew strong. It was a blow to the small group dynamic when Eric announced his call to Micronesia. But what tremendous support he received from his great friends, Pastor Shawn Robinson of Clayton Community Church and Pastor Mike McCoy of Hills Vineyard. Both of these pastors and their churches have become key supporters in our call to Guam. Our deepest appreciation goes to both of these tremendous friends - God be praised for them!

Even though we should be doing something to thank them, Mike and his wife, Marianne, and Shawn and his wife, Patty, treated us to a glorious feast at Vic Stewart's in Walnut Creek. The picture here is of us before we ate (we didn't look the same after). Mike and Marianne are at our right, and Shawn and Patty at our left. It was a time of great fellowship, wonderful conversation, and gourmet food! It was also a time to say goodbye; but as CS Lewis reminds us, Christians never really say "goodbye."
Thanks to Shawn and Patty Robinson and Mike and Marianne McCoy for the years of prayer support, authenticity, and laughter. All four of them are stellar leaders in the Mt. Diablo valley. Rarely do you find more called and committed pastors who so obviously love the Lord and their people.

So July 31 is Eric and Christian's bon voyage! Hopefully Eric will have the next installment of his dissertation done by then, along with a scratch outline of the two classes he'll be teaching at PIBC. We solicit your prayers in this time of transition, especially that our separation will be brief and that perfect accomodations will be secured. Note that our new email address is We sure look forward to hearing from you all! Thanks for all your support.

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