Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just Call Me Martha Stewart!

It is so hot here on Guam, that the bedding we brought from California would have caused heat exhaustion instead of a good nights rest! Since we could not afford to go out and buy all new bedding, we had to get creative! In the States, I had purchased this cool surfing fabric and attached it to a heavy comforter for Christian's bed covering. In this picture, our girls are using a seam ripper to take the light-weight cotton surfing fabric off the attached comforter. I then attached the surfing fabric to Christian's sheet and voila!--a tactful, inexpensive, bed-covering. Just call me Martha Stewart--but please don't report me for child labor infractions! : )


clgrant said...

What a ripoff - but clever!

Eric said...

hi mom, i looked up your name on google and it showed you and dads name. so i clicked it and it showed your blog i looked at the pictures it was cool.
love katie