Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just in the Nick of Time!

I have had several requests to give an update on my book and class situation. I will only address the book situation in this blog and will save the class update for another blog. I'm kind of embarrassed to talk about an aspect of this because of an error on my part. It was my understanding that my class was to start on January 16. As a result, as the 16th was drawing nearer and I still didn't have my books, I started to freak out! Five days before my class was to begin, I resorted to having my parents purchase and overnight ship my primary text book to their house in California. My mom then handed the book off to my friend, Stephanie Soltero. Stephanie scanned each and every page and sent them to me via email so I'd be able to put together my syllabus, class schedule, and lectures. As the pages came in to me, I hurriedly read them staying up until 2:00 a.m. for several nights trying to get through the material. (I felt like a college student, not a professor!!). For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why Eric seemed so relaxed. He didn't have his books, and he hadn't finished his syllabi either - why wasn't he freaking out? Then, one precipitous day, I heard Eric tell someone that classes were to begin at PIBC on the 21st of January. I thought he had misspoken but he confirmed that my class didn't start for a week. On the one hand, I was greatly relieved - I now had a full week more to prepare and to hope for the delivery of the elusive textbooks. On the other hand, I was terribly embarrassed. I had already posted the blog soliciting prayers, and my family and friends had jumped through hoops trying to help me out. To make matters worse, poor Stephanie's computer had actually crashed in the process of sending me all the scanned pages! How would I tell Stephanie of my error? Well, I have decided the wimpy approach is the best approach in this case. ;~) I know she reads our blog, so I will let her read how horrible I feel and how embarrassed I am - sorry Steph!

The good news is that InterVarsity Publishers was willing to send another box of the same books via a different mail carrier so that I got the books in the nick of time. The original box of books I ordered from them has yet to arrive. I have been told by seasoned professors to expect them within the next six months. I also received the second box of textbooks I had ordered from Thomas Nelson Publishers on time. Just like the first box from them, this one was also delivered to the University of Guam - go figure!! Regardless of the nerve-racking timing, all books were accounted for by the commencement of class! Thank you so much for your prayers.

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SkiOL said...

Oh, Karyn -
I think the extra week was God's answer to your prayers. I'd scan a book for you again any day - even if it were a week early.